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 H. Shawn Holmgren is a Consultant specializing in Robotic Systems, Realty Management, Construction Management, Plant Management Solutions, Solid State Electronic Control Systems, Education and has written some of the best software solutions for the condominium/ co-operative and timeshare industries.

Prior experience includes being a Licensed Florida Community Association Manager (CAM) for 25+ years as well as a CAM Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Instructor.

Tel:  561-389-1490

I have primarily focused on the business areas encompassing the South Florida waterfront Islands of Palm Beach and now North Central Florida.  I also have roots in Agriculture.

I have invented a new drone steering technology, that autonomously locates missing persons who are using a personal locater beacon.  We also build experimental drones, for use by SAR teams.  Visit www.uastrakker.com for more info.

Development of Robotic Drones. Brand Importer for Premium Drones and related equipment. Owner of www.palmbeachdrone.com marketplace.  Partnering with some of the biggest names in the Aerospace UAS sector.

I have the experience to guide a client through their next Robotic UAS purchase,  office upgrade or electronic renovation.  My goal is to integrate electronic tools, and the computer systems with your business so well that it runs seamlessly.   I can provide full office automation, right down to being paperless and key-less if that is your goal.  I also offer design, Installation and troubleshooting services on building Custom Drones, home automation, electronic control systems, gate access,  CCTV and security systems.  Call for a free telephone consultation now.

Almost everything I work on is (IP) Internet based, and remote access is only part of the  benefit of using IP based appliances; remote location of your digital video  means no-one can ever steal your Video evidence of a break-in, etc.  Remote  control of air conditioning, fountains and appliances means you save even more  on your energy bills. Go to www.keylimecomputer.com to find out more, or call me.

CAM licensed in 1989, with years of experience negotiating and administering to construction contracts, I extend this expertise to my clientèle.  I have served as an owners representative or “clerk of the works” on several large renovations including concrete restoration of balconies and terraces that line the ocean in Palm Beach.  I have dealt with large Insurance settlement negotiations, the rising cost of insurances in the condominium sector and the risk management issues that occur through staff management and facility management.

I help create custom employee manuals, employee job descriptions, logs, forms, templates, mail merges and custom databases for things like inventory or work orders.  All customized with your business logo and any other information you want to include.  I have written Customer Relations Management (CRM) software specific to the Condominium, Co-Op and Homeowner Association trade, named Key Lime Concierge.

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With over 16 years experience in South Florida property management, I am pleased to offer my consulting services to the HOA, Country Club, Condominium and Cooperative trades.   Site management contracts may be negotiable.  Interim and transitional services are usually available on a moments notice.

Previously, I was a Cisco Channel Partner, with Over 10 years in the computer profession setting up office networks, selecting backup solutions for my clients, integrating copiers and alarm systems with the office PC’s. I still proudly use HAI home automation products,  Cisco Network components, Pelco Digital Video components and Opto22® controls for a full integration with i/o if you need any switches or relays turned on and off, etc.   By offering you the best brands in the industry, we both rest  easier at night, knowing that a costly failure is less likely to occur within  your security plan.

I also offer safe and effective solutions for cleaning, nutrition and skin care, as your Authorized Shaklee Distributor for North Central Florida.  I am please to offer my clients the Shaklee® brand  of cleaning supplies, soil conditioner for dry climates, as well as vitamins and  nutritional supplements that are all Natural, good for the ecology and  biodegradable.  This helps secure our environmental future.

Trust H. Shawn Holmgren to introduce you to the healthy cleaning and  lifestyle products Shaklee® produces, bring you the quality of service that you have come to expect in real estate management, and  smart controls for your home or business, whether it is a private estate or a large community development.  Call  today 561-389-1490.

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